What We Do


At the beginning of a project, there is often a shortage of what's known and an abundance of what's assumed. Our first step in designing a successful project is to convert assumptions into knowledge. What are we trying to achieve, and what constraints do we have? The data points we discover along the way become the foundation of our strategic plan.


This is where we take the data points we've discovered and build a blueprint for the project. By this time, we know what we are building, why we are building it, and the resources available to pull it off. This step defines how we will get to the finished project. Timelines, budgets, and project management are clearly defined at this stage.


Once we have a clear definition of the solution, we begin implementing it. We have a development team who are deeply experienced in a variety of web technologies, and are passionate about code quality. We use an iterative development process that gives you quick feedback — you can test out every feature as soon as it's completed, and we track metrics that make sure the process stays on schedule. Our project managers keep you abreast of our progress, and let you know immediately whenever potential issues appear.


Our practice of continuous integration means that the software we work on is always tested and ready for deployment at every stage in the project. The source code, test environments, and sample data are all hosted securely in our cloud. When it comes time to deploy a completed solution, we can use our cloud to deploy and host it. There we can scale it virtually infinitely, with rock-solid reliability and security. Alternatively, we can package it up for your IT staff to deploy on your own internal infrastructure.


We don't just hand off your solution and walk away — we stand firmly behind it. We can continue to provide maintenance and support for as long as you need. Our support staff are empowered to do whatever it takes to solve critical issues ASAP. And on any issue, if the person who takes your call can't help you directly, he or she will get you connected with the manager or developer who can.